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Silk & Knives

cd_2.jpg Silk & Knives (2002)

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as_k.jpgWith 'Silk and Knives' I aimed at a richer sound, using the skills of Mike McCarthy on keyboards and as arranger/engineer, and Robin Galley, one of New Zealand's leading guitarists. As the title suggests, the sounds are soft and soothing, although the messages often have a harder edge. This is especially the case in the autobiographical 'Broken Bones,' and a song based on a dream of a rather desolate future, experienced interestingly three months before 9/11 - 'Who will rescue Leon? '

There are also many personal songs - 'Toby's Song,' 'The Lonely Child Inside,' and a piano version of 'I Still Would You Know' featuring Mike on keyboards, and myself on harmonica.

Then there was the monster (Mike's term!) 'Images of Ali', inspired by Muhammad Ali's journey with Parkinson's disease - amply aided by a chorus of 20 Sweet Adelines.

Added to the mix is some light relief in the form of the Vaudeville inspired 'Take a Break', a touch of the Herb Alpert's in 'A Lot Like You', and the Goon-ish 'Last Night at the Ball.'

'Transformed' - is a meditation on our true connected selves.

Review of Silk & Knives:

The second of Robin Kelly`s four CDs presents a kaleidoscope of styles and moods with well-crafted songs that in turn  both challenge and inspire. We can  relax and chuckle at his off-beat humour and quaint slant on life in "A lot Like You" and "Take a Break" or be more touched by the gentle thoughts expressed in "The Lonely Child Inside" and the starkly simple "Transformed"

Robins vocal style itself is just as varied. From simple light folk,  reminiscent of a Paul Simon sound, in the second track "High and Dry" to the  warm mellow-smooth delivery of the title track, "Broken Bones".

The clarity of his voice makes providing the words inside the CD booklet unnecessary. Instead we are given the inspiration and origin of each song , and hence a more intimate picture of  the man behind the music is revealed.

The last track "Last Night at the Ball" is pure fun but does have a darker edge just under the surface. It leaves us happier and with the sure feeling that Robin Kelly would be great fun at a party!

However, for me the stand out offering is one that Robin  also included on his first CD "Black Ice" . "I Still Would You Know" has all the elements of the great love song. A ballad that has such expressions of enduring love, devotion and and purity of heart is seldom heard in modern writing. Mellow and sensitively sung, it ticks all the boxes and has that touch of magic.

Not all numbers on the CD will have universal appeal, but there will for everyone be at least one that in Robins own words, 'Touches the heart, touches the soul"

---Catherine Martelli,

Professional Musician and Teacher,

Distinguished Member of the NZIRMT.

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1. Hey Babe
2. Don't Leave me (High and Dry)
3. A Lot Like You
4. The Lonely Child Inside
5. I'll Never Let You Down My Friend
6. Who Will Rescue Leon?
7. Toby's Song
8. Broken Bones
9. I'm Nearly Free
10.Take a Break
11. I Still Would You Know
12. Images of Ali
13. Transformed
14. Last Night at the Ball

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