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Robin's note (from the album sleeve):

ashim_1.jpgShimmer is a collection of songs inspired by the sounds of the West Coast of California that transformed my Austin A 40 in the 70’s into a cruisy Cadillac convertible simply by my placing a ragged and dusty Byrds tape into that discovery of the decade, the car radio cassette player.

The damp foggy roads of North London then by magic became the dusty endless highways of mid west USA. Little did they know it but on one occasion the alchemy of Bob Dylan and Roger McGuinn instantly metamorphosed the two soggy uneasy riders of Honda 50s I was following (resplendent in their transparent his and her’s plastic macs, matching helmets and bicycle clips), into the legendary figures of Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper, riding high and free into the setting sun astride their Harleys from heaven.

There were others of course, from closer to home. Ray Davies, Lennon, McCartney, and the young Van the Man from across the water; one by one their voices all passed through my old car’s battered speakers into my vacant being, and on into these songs gratefully received a generation later on the other side of the world.

Within this my third album, you may find stories of fulfilled and unfulfilled love; the deep love of a mother for her daughter running wild from violence, or the unresolved grief of a widowed lady across the way whose eager visitor could have been such friends with her husband. You may also recognize the struggles we all have respecting our partner’s unique spiritual path, staying so close yet, at the same time, setting each other free. It seems love is ultimately a mix of knowing and unknowing. And yes too, those oh- so-sad attempts we make at the game of seduction under clear celestial skies.

You may even, like myself, suspect the shimmer we see and feel on the surface is somehow a reflection of a more dazzling light shining from somewhere deep within.

But enough of all this. It really is quite enough for me if this CD makes you smile, tap your feet and even dance a little. Keep really well

Robin Kelly. Auckland, Aotearoa/ NZ. 2006.


Logging in at just over 41 minutes the CD kicks things off with “No More Than Lovers Ever know” a catchy upbeat piece that serves up steady rock beat, acoustic rhythm guitar, and hooky vocal accents from Kelly. Track 2 “The Lady Across the Way” is yet another impressive acoustic-based ballad serving up impressive Hammond Organ accents, and infectious vocals from Kelly. Track 3 “Running Wild” shifts gears a bit and dishes out an impressive into build, driving rhythm,passionate vocal building, and impressive solo guitar work. The music itself has a steady acoustic rock/folk vibe reminiscent of Don Mclean, Neil Young, and maybe a splash of John Denver. It fills the sonic space peacefully, and unobtrusively. The vocal style of Kelly goes down smooth, and is warm, inviting. It has a flair strikingly similar to John Lennon. His New Zealand, Australian accent is quite appealing, easy to listen to, and stands out in a very positive way. . Kelly also brings to the table alot of musical variety from impressive harmonica, Hammond Organ, keyboard, horns, rockability style guitar, and piano accents all layered well within the music.

As the CD slowly unfolds its obvious Robin Kelly is an accomplished singer/songwriter. "Shimmer" delivers 12 songs that are extremely well crafted and consistent. From upbeat folk melodies like “Bridal Bed”, “By Your Side” and “Time We Were Friends”, to the catchy Caribbean style ballad “I’m not Slipping Away” to easy going “Lucky Man.” It’s fair to say there’s something on this CD for just about everybody. Shimmer also delivers a few passionate ballads as well - “Somehow” and “Something I Said” Here we see the true brilliance of Kelly shine thorough. He showcases rich conventional wisdom, with pure honesty via his amazing songwriting virtuoso. My favorite song on "Shimmer" has got to be “Tears from "Wells Run Dry.” Here Robin Kelly hits it out of the park with a prefect blend of Caribbean style musicianship, amazing songwriting with catchy vocals and lyrical content. The CD ends with Track 12 “Watching Life (Passing You Buy)" It’s the perfect finale piece!

From start to finish “Shimmer” showcases 12 amazing songs that will uplift your spirit, and transcend your soul. After spending 41 minutes alone with “Shimmer” I abandoned all hopes of finding any legitimate weaknesses to make note of. “Shimmer” is an impressive musical production from start to finish. Robin Kelly is a world class singer, songwriter. There’s not a weak song on this entire catalogue period! The musicianship is first rate, the songs ere short and sweet musical experiences, the mix and master are professional grade. Each song possesses a unique personality, flair, and signature groove to call their own. Lastly - the singing abilities of Robin Kelly is infectious, and will suck you in mind, body, and soul. Having released 4 CD’s now, New Zealander Robin Kelly is proving to be a force to reckoned with, and continues to prove himself year after year with an impressive musical catalogue. I guess could go on and on all night about Robin Kelly, you simply have got to get your hands on some of his music and hear what I am talking about. You should start with “Shimmer” What else can I say - It’s pretty much amazing! "  

Cyrus Rhodes Indie Music Digest. March 2010

Tracks:  Free Downloads selected tracks. Use Windows Media Player.

1. No More than Lovers Ever Know 3.29
2. The Lady Across The Way 3.32 *
3. Running Wild 5.38
4. Tears from Wells Run Dry 2.50
5. Somehow 3.36
6. Bridal Bed 3.19
7. I'm Not Slipping Away 3.05
8. Time we were Friends 3.02
9. You Lucky Man 3.23
10.Something That I Said 3.14 *
11. By Your Side 2.35
12. Watching Life (Passing You By) 3.55

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