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Shadowman, Robin Kelly’s sixth album release, remains very much the New
Zealand songwriter’s album despite the cadre of five-star talent supporting him. ….”
Nomination “Indieshark Album of the Year”

Mark Druery. IndieShark.

His songs benefit from the presence of ace collaborators. Nigel Gavin accompanies
Kelly during both acoustic and electric tracks while vocalist Sonia Wilson’s talents
help make several great songs even better….. Robin Kelly’s sixth release will satisfy
any folk music fan, that’s for sure. It reaches further though. There is no reason in
the world why an open-minded listener cannot connect with the stories, emotions,
and experiences these thirteen tracks depict. Shadowman is not indistinct or
foreboding in any way; Robin Kelly’s music lives in the light.”

Chadwick Easton. Melody Maker Magazine.

“Kelly’s songwriting is the highlight for me. The hushed redemptive qualities of the
album opener “Sunrise” serve as an invaluable introduction for anyone new to his
work as its marriage of evocative instrumentation with significant lyrical detail is a
hallmark of his writing. It takes different forms during the course of Shadowman, but
the underlying aesthetic remains in place throughout…. genuine pathos are present
throughout his writing. Shadowman is an all-around satisfying effort and ranks
among Robin Kelly’s best work yet.”

Garth Thomas. The Hollywood Digest.
“ “Our Last Valentine”, however, excels highest thanks to the ear-catching duet
between Kelly and Sonia Wilson….. Kelly’s collection is full of under the radar
ambition. He doesn’t announce it with bloated or otherwise epic arrangements. You
don’t hear any bluster in these songs until you listen deeper, take in the lyrics, and
appreciate his often commanding style in full. You don’t hear it until you notice the
subtle but steady orchestration of its texture, the lucid progression of its songs, and
the overall construction of his sixth album.
Colin Jordan.
Full review: 

“Shadowman opens with a trio of songs establishing the collection’s mastery of
fundamentals above all else. “Sunrise”, however, has artful atmospherics, never
exaggerated, and the track has a well-rounded finish few songwriters in any genre
can achieve. “Good Morning, Captain Sir” is one of the album’s highlights. Kelly
highlights his narrative gifts in a handful of Shadowman’s songs and this will rate
high for many. The melody for this track is exquisite… We come into hearing
traditional music with a lot of preconceived notions but Kelly’s work shows superior
songwriting can overcome anything.”
Mindy McCall. IndiePulse Music.
Full review:

‘The hushed intimacy of the album’s finale “Live Life Slow” provides Shadowman with a highly appropriate ending and reminds you of a leaf slowly wafting to the ground rather than something harder, more conclusive. It’s final evidence, as well, of the clear vision Robin Kelly has for this outstanding album.' 

Trace Whittaker. Pop Icon Magazine.

Full review:

‘Robin Kelly’s Shadowman is the newest full-length offering from one of New Zealand’s finest songwriters. Kelly’s reputation has confined itself to the island nation for the most part, but Shadowman’s thirteen tracks make it clear his gifts merit, even demand, a larger stage….. It’s one of the better “roots music” releases of 2022.’

Jennifer Munoz. Vents Magazine.

Full review:

'The lonesome sound of harmonica accompanies the opening of “Aficionado (Of Your Finer Things)”, but it’s as pure of a love song as I’ve heard in recent years. You may think, after hearing this song, man, it’s too simple, but soon find yourself smiling when you recall its unmitigated romanticism. If nothing else, Robin Kelly is unafraid to be himself in these songs, and his personality leaps out at you. If it’s your first time encountering his work, he’s well worth meeting.'

Troy Johnstone. Official Fame Magazine.

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