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Workshops etc.

Workshops, seminars, lectures.

Recent presentations :

"Does Consciousness Survive Death?" With Marla Frees . March 3rd 2017 Parnell, Auckland.

"Tom Campbell's Cultural Connection Tour." Panel discussion. March 5th 2017. AUT. Auckland.

"Rising and Thriving Above Addictions." 'Filling the Gaping Hole - How to Heal our Inner Longing.' March 18th 2017. Kawai Purapura. Auckland

Past Presentations and Workshops

April 18-19 2015. Pain Management Solutions.
"Post Traumatic Stress - An Integrated Approach."
"Acupuncture, Tapping and Beyond."

Medical Acupuncture Society Annual Conference.
Scenic Hotel, Blenheim, New Zealand

Tuesday February 24th 2015. 6pm-9pm.
“Born Into Fear – How to Create Lasting Peace and Harmony for a World in Shock.”
AIMA (NZ) monthly meeting.Fairway Lodge, Glenfield, Auckland.
For registration and further details

Sunday August 17th 2014 1030am. "The Human Hologram."     tedpic 2
Reiki NZ National Conference 2014
Sorrento, One Tree Hill, Auckland.16th - 17th August 2014

Sunday August 24th 2014 2pm. "Mainstreaming EFT."
2014 EFT Conference
Taitamariki Hall, 8 Auburn St, Takapuna, Auckland August 23-24

Tuesday September 2nd 2014. 7.30pm -930pm.
"Pearls from Our Practices - Lessons from Our Lives."
With Lynda Wharton. Albany House, 575 Albany Highway, Auckland.
Phone 09 473 - 1117 or email
For details click here.

Saturday September 13th 2014.
"Acupuncture, PTSD and chronic illnesses."
NZ Institute of Acupuncture Annual Conference..
Venue TBA.

Saturday - Sunday September 20-21st 2014.
"Owning Your Health."
Wellfest 2014. (Presentation day TBA.)
Vodafone Events Centre.

Thursday October 16th 2014. 11:10am
"Acupuncture for Allergic Rhinitis." (Skype presentation.)
ENT in the 21st Century.
Innovation, Collaboration and Integration.
67th Annual General and Scientific Meeting of NZSOHNS.
Energy Events Centre, Rotorua. New Zealand


Robin will be joining Mantak Chia and Dr Angela Longo at the Tao Garden Health and Spa Resort, Chiang Mai, Thailand from December 28th 2013 until January 3rd 2014. He will be presenting at seminars, running workshops and performing Shamanarama. More details soon.

For details click here.

AIMA Annual Conference

October 18-20th 2013 Marriott Resort & Spa Surfers Paradise :                                

October 18th. 90 mins.

"Energy Psychology, Tapping and Beyond -   A Simple Plan for all Practitioners."
                                                                                                                                                            tedpic 2
Energy psychology and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), commonly known as 'tapping’, have become Xincreasingly popular in recent years.  These techniques are easy for the general public to learn and have been shown to produce the rapid and lasting resolution of phobias, cravings and addictions.

However, it is their use and success in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in military personnel returning to the US from the Middle East, and in veterans
from previous conflicts, that strongly suggests this approach can play a vital role in many acute and chronic conditions in the community at large.

For several years, Robin Kelly has used and has taught these techniques in his general medical practice. He has learnt to recognise that past trauma, both physical and emotional, plays a significant role in the pathogenesis of many chronic illnesses, and has devised treatment plans that address and dispel the debilitating on going effects of such trauma.

In this practical workshop, he demonstrates how we can easily employ these techniques even in the busiest practices for a wide range of conditions – they can be adapted to play a role in the management of not only emotional disorders, but also chronic conditions such as diabetes, autoimmune disease, cancer and chronic pain.

The techniques are simple to learn and cost nothing. Importantly, they involve people in their healing giving them true ownership of their health.

Participants will leave with skills they can use immediately on themselves, and on their patients and clients. Along the way, Robin will explore the underlying science and theories of epigenetics that may begin to explain just why and how such dramatic results are being achieved through these energy psychology approaches.

October 19th. 30 mins.

"The Quantum Human: The New Paradigm and What it Means for our Work, our Lives and our Future."  

The past five years has seen a revolution in the life sciences. The quantum world, previously regarded as being significant only in the cold, dry environment of physics laboratories, has been now shown to be present within warm, wet living tissue. Quantum biology has come of age.
Robin Kelly presents the latest cutting edge science, and the speculation that quantum processes are at play in epigenetics – how our genes are activated and deactivated by environmental factors. 

He explains how we can use this information every day in our practices, and predicts that this scientific revolution will radically impact on future healthcare whilst further validating a truly integrated, holistic approach to healing.

Past presentations:

May 11th 2013. 7pm (time and place to be confirmed.). University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. 

Public lecture: 

'The Human Hologram - The Science and the Speculation.'


Dr Robin Kelly asks the question: Are we holographic beings living in a holographic universe?

In this visual and tuneful presentation, he explores the scientific and anecdotal evidence that suggests that there is far more to us than our physical body as perceived by our five senses. He wonders whether our brains tend to filter out fields of consciousness so we can focus unimpeded on our productive lives, and whether it is our feelings that connect us to underlying truths.

Along the way he examines the new field of quantum biology, and the emerging evidence that quantum processes are at play in photosynthesis, within the eyes of migrating birds, within our sense of smell, within our brains and our chromosomes. Is modern science indeed on the threshold of discovering profound underlying truths about the nature of life itself?

There is also speculation that quantum processes are integral to epigenetics - how our environment affects the expression of our genes. This may well provide valuable insights into why stress and feelings of separation or abandonment so often play a role in the development of chronic ill-health.

How can we begin to use this information practically in our everyday lives?

Robin draws on his 38 years of experience as a family doctor and medical acupuncturist, and shows how he integrates these theories with compassion and joy into his daily practice, and speculates what, on earth, all this could mean for our present and future lives.

May 13th 2013. 12pm. University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada.

Global Health Round:

“The New Science of Connectedness – What it Means for the Living and the Dying.”


For half a century, medical training has mainly been based on a science of separateness – a reductive model that divides the body into different specialist disciplines, and largely separates the health professional or doctor from the patient.

Robin sheds doubt on whether modern science fully supports this model, and how and why an appreciation of a new science of connectedness is now essential if we are to understand and treat those with chronic ill health. Robin explains how emerging theories of consciousness and quantum biology must be also considered by health professionals, especially in the treatment of those with chronic or ‘terminal’ illnesses.

Moreover, the belief held by many traditional cultures that consciousness ‘survives’ death can no longer be totally dismissed on scientific grounds. If indeed the theory of a ‘primacy of consciousness’ gains scientific acceptance, then our fear of death will be greatly reduced changing how we perceive our lives, and our practice of medicine, forever.

This presentation is based on his research and over 30 years of experience working alongside chronically ill and palliative care patients.

The Holistic Cancer Congress March 16th-17th 2013 Auckland, New Zealand.

Robin will be presenting, and also performing Shamanarama.

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Wed June 6th 2012  2-2.45pm    tedpic_2.jpg

"The New Science of Connectedness –
What it Means for the Living and the Dying." 

Innovation and Inspiration in Palliative Care,.
ADHB Palliative Care Network Education Day

Where: Clinical Education Centre, Auckland City Hospital.

Details: click here

Saturday June 23rd 2012.

'Shamanarama' at The Village Gathering.

Meal: 6.45pm. Performance: 8.15pm. 9.45pm DJ Doug Kerrisk.

BYO main meal (vegetarian preferred) or dessert. BYO drinks.

Where: Auckland Horticultural Centre. 990 Gt Nth Rd, Western Springs, Auckland.

$15 or koha at door.


Past presentations:                                           

March 17th -18th 2012. WOW 'Walking Our Wisdom'
Kawai Purapura, Albany, Auckland
For details click here

March 31st - April1st 2012. Holistic Cancer Congress.
"The New Science in Action."
Parnell, Auckland
For details click here

April 21st 2012. "Shamanarama" - A Musical Journey through Deep Healing.
Artworks Theatre, Oneroa, Waiheke Island, Auckland.
For details click here

April 28-29th 2012. AIMA (NZ) Annual Conference.
"The Conscious Consultation – Bringing the Therapist Back to the Therapy."
Neil Waters Lecture Theatre, Massey University, Albany, Auckland.
For details click here

AIMA (NZ). The Human Hologram - The Launch Lecture
August 9th 2011. Fernz Restaurant Birkenhead Auckland.
6.30pm. Contact

"Living Deeply - A Practical and Personal Guide to Embracing the New Consciousness". Blockhouse Bay Boat Club May 21st 2011.

Update on Quantum Biology (and what it means for future healthcare)
AIMA Auckland.
Tuesday November 30th. 2010.
630pm. FERNZ Restaurant, Birkenhead, Auckland.

Thursday Oct 1st. 2009.
The Inaugural TEDx Auckland
Westlake Boys High School, Forrest Hill
North Shore City, Auckland
Title: 'The Human Hologram.'
click here

'Good Morning' TVNZ. Tuesday April 21st .
Live 9am - noon.

"The Living Matrix -The Science of Healing."
With Diane Winder.
Friday April 24th 2009. 730pm.
Directions Healing Centre; 12 Horopito St, off Dominion Rd, Mt. Eden.

The Happiness Club with Pat Armistead.
Monday April 27th 2009. 7-9pm.
Trinity, 864 Beach Road,
Waiake, Torbay, Auckland.

Canadian Oriental Medical Symposium
March 26th-29th. Renaissance Hotel Harbourside
Vancouver. Keynote and workshops. For details
click here

Forum on Energy Medicine with Dr Tim Ewer and Dr
Thornton Streeter at the Bruce Mason Theatre, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand. Thurs February 26th 2009.
"An Update on Energy Psychology and Medicine"
November 12th FSMN 730pm Trinity, 864 Beach Road,
Waiake, Torbay, Auckland

October 24 - 26th 2008. 10th Annual Canadian
Energy Psychology Conference. Toronto Canada.
Conference website

October 20 - 24th 2008. Pan Pacific Medical Acupuncture Forum. Toronto Canada.

July 17th 2008. Auckland Theosophical Society.
4 Warborough Ave, Epsom. 730pm.

'An Evening on Energy Medicine, Psychology and Healing.'

Energy Psychology -A New Way Forward in Health Care  March 7-8th 2008 Auckland NZ.  With Bruce Lipton, Dawson Church, Robin Kelly, Louisa Walker, Tim Ewer.

Two presentations at the Woodford Folk Festival,

Queensland, Australia.

"Tapping in to the Now - Quantum Healing at Your Fingertips."

"The Human Antenna - Opening to the Infinite."

Both soon to be available on DVD.

For upcoming and archived Radio Interviews click here.

Robin runs regular workshops and seminars for the general public and health professionals. For those wishing Robin to speak to a particular group or company, he will adapt his presentations to their individual needs.

He is teaming up with Diane Winder for a series of in-depth workshops and presentations throughout 2008. Contact us for details.


Robin will address any of the wide range of healing issues within his two books -Healing Ways and The Human Aerial.

Popular titles include:

The Human Aerial - We are Connective Tissue

Healing Ways - Doing it Your Way.

Intuition in the Workplace.

SoulTalk - The Language of the Body.

'There's Gold in Them There Hills' - The Tranformational Power of Illness.

The Sacred Geometry of the Body.

The Chakras in Everyday Life.

Chinese Medicine Demystified.

While this website is evolving, please phone Trish on 64-9-414 6442 for bookings.


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