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About Us

Robin Kelly - Doctor, Author, Speaker, Musician.
Robin is a sought-after conference speaker and workshop presenter; his style is relaxed and   spontaneous, with an eclectic mix of fact, humour and music.
He is an English-trained doctor whose medical  practice has evolved to embrace Eastern and modern mind/body philosophies. His focus is on integrating these holistic models into a modern   contemporary environment -- blending the best of the East with the best of the West.

Patients are seen as true partners, and "Healing Plans" are devised honouring each person's unique gifts. According to Robin, the most common ingredient missing from modern prescriptions is the very soul of the individual seeking help.

Deep healing involves the body, the mind and the spirit in equal amounts. Over the past few years, Robin has introduced Energy Psychology techniques, alongside medical acupuncture, to his practice, and he regards this as one vital step in helping people regain full ownership of their healing.

A past and current co-president of the Medical Acupuncture Society (NZ) and a founding trustee of New Zealand’s MindBody Trust, he studied Acupuncture and Chinese medicine in the 80s running teaching workshops for health professionals and doctors.Since the 90’s his overriding interest has been in researching the roles consciousness and quantum theory play in the deep healing process.

Robin explores these issues in his first book, "Healing Ways -- A Doctor's Guide to Healing" (Penguin Books 2000). He explains the deep healing process, identifying how this can become blocked and cleared. Chinese medicine and the modern science of mind/body medicine are also explained in easy terms, with healing stories and exercises relevant to today's busy lifestyle.

"Healing Ways" has received critical acclaim both in New Zealand and in the UK. He was interviewed at length by Kim Hill on National Radio, and has appeared on TV1's "Today Live," "Medical File" and "Assignment."

Robin encourages each of us to explore our own unique creative gifts. He sees creativity as a mindful state of channeling, freeing us from time-bound pressures while allowing the world to benefit from our new and unique vision. It is often an essential ingredient of the deep healing process.

His second book “The Human Aerial” (Zenith Publishing 2006) explores dimensions beyond the detection of our five senses, and the impact these insights will have on our future healing. Along the way he unravels the mysteries of the chakras, telepathy, intuition, creativity and channelling.

"The Human Aerial" was a finalist for the 2007 Ashton Wylie Trust Book Awards. It was released in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa early in 2008. A revised edition "The Human Antenna" was released in the US and Canada in November 2007 by Elite Books under their new publishing wing of Energy Psychology Press. A second revised edition was released in 2010.

It has received 5 star reviews, and was a finalist in the US Foreword Magazine 2007 Book Awards - body mind spirit category. The US version won Bronze Medal at the 2008 Ashton Wylie Book Awards, and in October 2008 won the Best Science Book in the National Best Books Awards (USA.)

In July 2011, he released 'The Human Hologram - Living Your Life in Harmony with the Unified Field' (Energy Psychology Press USA.), In his latest book Robin examines the scientific and practical evidence that our senses create a virtual reality of time and space, and speculates what this knowledge might mean for our future. He explores the science of 'feeling' and discusses how best to combine our feelings with our thoughts, our head with our heart, to achieve optimum health.

The Human Hologram followed The Human Antenna by winning Science Book of the Year at the 2011 USA Best Books Awards.

He is now a sought after guest on internet and syndicated radio shows in the US and worldwide, with interviews on's Dreamland, Revelations with William Henry, and Coast to Coast with George Noory. In 2008, Robin has also featured in the DVD  'Your Guide to True Happiness', and was filmed as an authority on cellular memory for the DVD special features of the Hollywood movie 'The Eye.' He was also featured on the 2010 New Zealand documentary 'Project 10.10.10 - Pill or Perception.'

Robin is also a passionate songwriter, singer and musician who has recorded 5 CDs of original songs 'Black Ice'' (1998) and 'Silk & Knives' (2002), 'Shimmer' (2006), 'Something Magical' (late 2009), and 'Orewa Heartbeat' (2018). His songs have been played on National Radio, and 1ZB, with a further live performance on TV1's Good Morning Show. 'Shimmer' was nominated for 2010 Album of the Year by the US Indie Music Digest, and he was a runner up in the Nashville Song of the 2010 summer.

He has just finished writing a musical stage show “Chakramor” an audio-visual entertainment based on the growth of human consciousness, set to the rhythms of the 21st century. Robin is currently performing a one person musical show 'Shamanarama'  celebrating the deep healing process.

He runs an integral health practice from his home in partnership with his wife Trish, a trained nurse and midwife. Trish and Robin have three children –Sophie, Lucy and Toby, and two beautiful granddaughters Pyper and Peyton.




Trish Kelly

Registered Practice Nurse

Practice Manager

Website Manager




Trish is a vital partner in Robin's practice and this website. An experienced nurse and midwife, she is actively involved in coordinating ongoing self healing plans, and helps Robin's practice run smoothly ( making sure he is keeping to time!)

Trish's many loves include family, home, her cavoodle Lily, and Pilates which she has practised for over 16 years. She is much admired as a demonstrator at Pilates Unlimited in Takapuna, Auckland.