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Radio Interviews

The easiest way for those with an iPod is to find Robin on iTunes : Enter: Robin Kelly and click on 'Podcast'

June 2012

Listen to Tim Lynch's May31st interview Robin on Green Planet FM 104.6. click here
To access via iTunes click here or enter "Robin Kelly hologram" on your iTunes store.

Listen to Robin's May 6th interview with Caroline Ra. click here

" Robin is a delightful speaker expressing complex ideas in an easy to understand joyful manner, always sprinkled with humor. I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing Robin and highly recommend The Human Hologram."

Past interviews with direct links to recordings: (note: some may have been taken off archive)

December 13th 2007. Chuck and Karen Robison. "What if it really works?"
Chuck and Karen's website
To download MP3 file click here 22.6 MB

January 16th 2008. 11am PST. Awakening with Anamika.
Click on 'Human Antenna' on the web page below for complete interview using Windows Media Player

January 24th 2008. 9am PST. Full Power Living with Ilene Dillon.
Ilene's website of upcoming shows
To listen to interview click 

February 7th 2008. 9am PST. A Fresh Start with Sallie Felton.
To listen to interview click here
Sallie's personal site

February 15th 2008. 8am PST. Mind, Brain and Body with Dr Michael Kell.Click here Voice America


February 27th 2008. 1pm-3pm PST.The Wellness Roadshow with Catherine Bradford.Two hours of satisfying conversation.Catherine's radio webpage

March 6th 2008. 3pm PST. The Donna Seebo Show.

March 10th 2008. 10am EST. The Lynn Johnson Motivational Radio Show. Coach Lynn's website

Free 'donation download' from show (WMP) The Lonely Child Inside

April 1st 2008. 5pm PST. Walking With Spirit with Monique Chapman. Phone in questions and free books!
Direct link to Monique's radio show click here

April 9th. 8am CST. The Power Hour with Joyce and Dave.

April 10th. 8am. Interview with Tim Lynch. GreenPlanet 104.6FM. Auckland NZ.

April 26th. 8pm CST. Journeys with Rebecca Radio Show. click here

May 2nd. 8-9pm CST. Just Energy Radio with Dr Rita Louise.
Details on

May 12th. 7pm EST. Body Wonders Book Club. click here

May 26th. 445 -505pm AEST. What a Wonderful World Radio. Melbourne. 91.4FM. Live on  click here

May 30th. 8am PST. Mind, Brain and Body with Dr Michael Kell.Click here Voice America

May 30th. 12noon PST. Lanto's Lantern with Suzanna Axisa. click here

June 12th 9pm CST. Manifesting the Truth with Anna Robles. Click here

June 16th 11am and 11pm PST. Lights On with Nancy Lee. click here

July 21st. 4.10 - 4.45pm AEST. What a Wonderful World Radio. Melbourne. 91.4FM.   click here

From July Anna Kujawa
                   T.Harv Eker's Rich Life Club click here


October 1st and 8th. 7 - 830pm PST. Catherine Bradford 'Dot to Dot.' (2 parts)

October 13th 9-10am PST Soul Medicine Radio with Dawson Church click here

February 14th 2009. From 1pm PST. Dreamland with Marla Frees.

March 16th 2009. 430pm PST.Ernie Vecchio at Sedona Talk Radio

April 5th 2009. 5pm PST.Law of Attraction Talk Radio.  click here