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Black Ice

cd_3.jpg Black Ice (1998)

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Black Ice was my first album, and was written during a time of great change for me. It was recorded in a dark basement studio, and although I have never viewed the subject matter as depressing, a certain dark atmosphere is reflected in most of the songs. The producer and engineer was the multi-talented Eamon O'Kane.

The first song I recorded was 'They Gave You His Name', based on the life story of a war veteran I was looking after in the hospice. Listening to the finished version ranks as one of my all time 'peak' experiences.

Firstly the title track, Black Ice, which was the last song recorded for the album. Over the 18 months we recorded Black Ice, digital recording techniques had improved remarkably, and I felt this clean punchy 'sound' kicked the album off well. My good friend, and Nelson doctor Tim Ewer, provides the raunchy Fender guitar.

'Sarsen Stone,' based on the building of Stonehenge. Nobody knows for sure just how the massive upright 'Sarsen' stones were carried from their source thirty miles away. It is estimated over a thousand men would have been needed to carry each stone, and their arduous journey would have taken many years. Was this an act of faith or obedience?

There are even more elaborate theories. Did ancient civilisations discover and utilise powers of levitation, and were these advanced techniques employed in building such structures as Stonehenge, the Mayan temples and the pyramids at Giza?

The mandolin on 'Sarsen Stone' was played by the late Peter Collier.

NB. Not to be confused with the AC/DC album ' Black Ice' released ten years later in 2008!

Tracks on Black Ice :

1. Black Ice 3:56*
2. Crying Shame 3:41
3. Sarsen Stone  4:32*
4. Instrumental 0:31
5. Empty Sack of Dreams 3:15
6. A Shot Rang Through Me 4:37
7. Sweet Youth 3:01
8. They Gave You His Name 4:37
9. Rotorua Night 6:02
10. The Road I'm Travelling On 2:57
11.I Still Would You Know (Guitar version) 3:13

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