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The Making of Orewa Heartbeat

                      mike mc oh-40

Orewa Heartbeat was recorded in several Thursday afternoon sessions during 2017 at Mike McCarthy’s Manuka Studios, north of Auckland, New Zealand. Mike is one of New Zealand’s foremost musicians, arrangers/producers, and his skill and enthusiasm are evident throughout the album.

In Mike’s words: “Robin’s songs always start with a simple lyric sheet and a basic outline of the chords. We put down a simple “skeleton track” – usually a piano or acoustic guitar – and then I send Robin into the studio to lay down a R.A.G (Rough-As-Guts) vocal guide. Then a rather mystical and very satisfying thing happens: the song starts to come to life, especially as we start layering other instruments – usually bass, brushed drums, Hammond organ and strings – whatever Robin is hearing in his head (the gift of the singer/songwriter!). When the band is completed Robin goes back into the studio and puts down the final vocal, usually with a few altered lyrics here and there. Job done. A great pleasure to be involved in this project.”