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The Human Hologram: Living Your Life in Harmony with the Unified Field

Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (7/11)

I found it incredibly refreshing to read “The Human Hologram.”  By demonstrating how modern science and ancient wisdom are connected, Dr. Robin Kelly presents a convincing argument to explain his theory that we are living in a holographic universe.    To support his theory, he provides us with Ten Guiding Principles of the Human Hologram.  The Fourth Principle, “Modern scientific and mathematical theory lends support to the theory that our universe is holographic. It follows that we, as part of the universe, must also be holographic. Modern Science acknowledges that pure information is fundamental to our universe.”  What this means to us, as both humans and holograms, is that we are actually able to play an active role in co-creating our future. In doing so, by combining our knowledge of modern science and the ideals of ancient wisdom, we can connect to a unifying field of consciousness that will enable us to transform our health and our environment.

In explaining how he arrived at this idea, Dr. Kelly heavily expounds upon scientific processes.  Having personally read many books that put a lot of emphasis on metaphysical ideas while throwing some scientific jargon in, I was pleased to see that Dr. Kelly utilizes his obviously extensive knowledge of natural physical laws and constants to show how “The Human Hologram” can be a reality. 

While “The Human Hologram” presents a lot of complex ideas, Dr. Kelly presents it in a way that I was able to follow, even though my last science class was fifteen years ago! I felt that this book was beautifully written and I loved how the author showed that both eastern and western medicine can be connected. Utilizing a great deal of explanations, diagrams, case studies, compassion and a touch of humor, I totally enjoyed reading this book, and was excited to see that scientists are heading us in a direction where as individuals we will be encouraged to play a more active role in taking responsibility for our health and transforming our lives.    

Review from Irene Conlan, The Self Improvement Show. November 2011.

My mind is boggled by quantum physics, unified field theory, holograms, and other such subjects that are too fierce to mention, They are a great challenge to my non-scientific mind. If you feel this way, too, read this book anyway. It may turn out to be one of the most important books of our time and will change your thinking regarding everything you think you know about "what makes you tick" - restated" "what makes you sick."

Using science, physics, quantum physics, energy psychology, Eastern medicine, Western medicine and a lot of common sense Kelly builds a strong case for a radical change in health care. As you read, keep in mind the teaching of the hologram - that each part of the hologram contains the information of the whole. The more recent study of the human cell is revealing that it, too, contains the information of the whole and that anything that impacts the being at any level is revealed in some way in the cell. And what affects me affects the whole of humanity in some way. It makes me think of the "nesting dolls" crafted by the Eastern Europeans - one inside another, inside another, inside another - each single and yet a part of the whole. Each one impacted by what happens to one of the others. One but many.

Kelly posits that we are human holograms. It's up to you to decide whether or not he makes his case.

If you are disillusioned and perhaps concerned about contemporary health care and the fact that many doctors have become highly educated prescription-writers and test-orderers take heart. If you have seen a doctor who looked at your symptoms but not at you and didn't have time to hear how you've been feeling and how you feel now you know what I mean. The pendulum may have swung as far as it will swing to the side of treating us like we are simply machines. The incidence of doctor and hospital induced illness and the increasing number deaths from properly prescribed medicines makes it necessary to take a hard look at contemporary medical practice.

As science is coming to understand more and more about how our thoughts and emotions affect us at a cellular level it is becoming more apparent that "holistic" is where the action should be or perhaps that should be "holographic." To quote Kelly, "The human hologram model acknowledges that it is our feelings and our experiences that are of fundamental importance. It recognizes that our bodies work together with our brains in an integrated fashion. The body feels, the brain thinks. Insights and inspirations come from a coherence throughout the body, a balance of head and heart."

While the science in the first few chapters may be a challenge for some like me, the remainder of the book ranges from very interesting to fascinating to deeply profound and compelling. I highly recommend that any read it who is interested in health, health care, energy medicine - in what it means to be a human. I fully intend to read it again and perhaps again after that because every time I read a passage for a second time I discover something new that I missed the first time around.

This is a book to enjoy, to savor, to study and to ponder. To end with something Kelly says in the beginning of the book, "Your wisdom will expand the wisdom of all." Thanks, Robin Kelly, for this mind-stretching book. 

Jondi Whitis, EFT Tapfest Co-founder November 2011

"Reading Dr. Robin Kelly's book The Human Hologram was a surprisingly easy and affirming experience.  His loving nature and profound respect for Life reflects off every page.  It's accessible on every level and stirs a lot of personal thought.  I hope you'll read it and provide some comments for a lively discussion.  It's not everyday you can see Western and Easter medicine enmesh so neatly, so completely, and so hopefully, too!"