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A wonderful overview of the importance of mind-body medicine
August 17, 2009.
Miriam Knight "New Consciousness Review"

This is a valuable addition to the growing stream of revolutionary books on holistic health care coming from medical doctors. They all start with the doctors feeling the same ache of knowing that the mainstream medicine they were taught to practice was not necessarily serving the best interests of their patients. Each of them finds his or her own path to discovering a way to focus on the whole patient - body, mind and spirit - and integrate other tools into their practice, like nutrition, energy medicine, guided visualization, and most importantly, taking the time to listen and understand the broader context of the patient's life.

In "The Human Antenna" Dr. Kelly anchors each step in the narrative of his own journey to integrative medicine in the growing body of evidence that we are energy beings who respond to the world around us in ways that are not explained by conventional medicine but rather by quantum science. Dr. Kelly offers lucid explanations of sometimes complex physical principles and overlays them on principles of Eastern medicine in practice for thousands of years. He shows how the work of pioneers like Bruce Lipton and Carolyn Myss illuminate the interplay between the emotions, the environment and the manifestation of symptoms in the body.

He goes through the energy centers of the body and describes the kind of emotional blockages that are often linked with physical problems associated with each chakra. He illustrates each with case studies, therapies and exercises to relieve the imbalance, and give additional tools and resources in the appendices.

This book provides a wonderful overview of the importance of mind-body medicine, and would be an excellent introduction to the field for professional and layperson alike.

The Human Antenna. Dr Robin Kelly
Review by Ernest Dempsey. World Audience Review. August 2008.

Do we die when our physical body expires, or do we live
on in some other state of being? There is no way to get a
straight, undisputed answer since our senses won’t work
beyond our body. Or do they? British-trained Kiwi doctor
and alternate healing expert Dr. Robin Kelly believes they
do and he has a scientific explanation. In his recent book
The Human Antenna, Dr. Kelly explores the paranormal
phenomena (NDEs, intuition, telephonic telepathy,
phantom limbs, xenoglossy etc.) in terms of cellular
functions and the on-going interactions between living cells
and cosmic energy. His findings lead him to subtitle his
work as Reading the Language of the Universe in the Songs
of Our Cells.
Trained as a medical doctor, Dr. Kelly started taking
interest in traditional Chinese healing techniques,
especially acupuncture, and soon he applied his research
potential to get in-depth knowledge of these alternative
treatment methods. Transfixed by their efficacy, he set out
to bridge the gap between traditional healing and
established scientific knowledge, and soon discovered
some startling secrets. As his book details, all living cells
have their biological microcomputers – the microtubules –
that receive and transmit bits of information in the form of
energy. Consciousness, or what may be called ‘soul’ in
traditional terms, is the experience of reading patterns of
this information.
The analogy of human brain to a computer is not new; what
makes The Human Antenna unique is the approach of
placing the ‘mind’ outside the brain. Consciousness is
explored as an experience, not as a product exclusive to
brain tissues, or even the neural network; it is the sum of all
the readings of various energy forms that keep flowing in
and out of the body at a particular point in space and time.
Seen thus, our bodies are only conduits of energy –
hardware for processing the universal information that
makes our essence. In other words, we are more like
‘energy beings’ rather than ‘matter beings’. Upon this view,
the barriers between communicating beyond the bodies,
without using common means of communications, are
dissolved – cosmic energy processed in cellular molecules
being a freely circulating medium of correspondence. All
one needs to do to receive is by tuning in to the right
The numerous, exciting scientific studies, which fill the
pages of The Human Antenna, make the book a pageturner.
Dr. Kelly emerges as a talented writer with a flair
for storytelling and simplifying complex scientific concepts
for the general educated reader. Of course, there is much
more for the thoughtful reader, especially when the
author’s viewpoint is analyzed in a philosophical context.
The argument for reality as spirit (or ideas) versus body (or
matter) takes a new turn here: reality is a conscious
experience generated by the interaction of energy with the
matter. Here is the grand reconciliation – wave/particle or
energy/matter duality accounts scientifically for the
paranormal or spiritual experiences. Placed in the realm of
energy psychology, Dr. Robin Kelly’s work is just the
beginning of a scientific spirituality.

Review of The Human Antenna for by Laura Strathman-Hulka
Feb 2008

Dr. Kelly is a rarity in the medical field even in today's more open medical environment - a conventionally schooled Western-style physician whose interests and training expanded to include Eastern philosophies and techniques. This fascinating combination, in addition to his own musical talents (he is writing a musical), gives the lay reader a wonderful opportunity to expand their own knowledge and to appreciate the dynamics of Dr. Kelly's viewpoints.

The ideas that Kelly begins with and espouses are not new. But the approach that our purpose and beliefs affect our health by using the signals of our cells is a fascinating conceptualization. As Kelly mentions in his preface, this is the "true science of life." He is the first to state that he himself, and his family members, have greatly benefited from Western medical techniques and skills. Rather than decrying the usefulness of the tried and true, he believes that adding to the mix by using centuries-old methods, such as acupuncture, creates a wholeness and completeness that cannot be achieved any other way. He fearlessly goes where others have begun, speaking directly about the cellular and inherent differences between men and women. Throughout the book, the science and philosophies are beautifully balanced with personal anecdotes, case histories and easy to digest references.

Yes, there is science in the book, complete with diagrams and explanatory sketches. The author covers such great concepts as Fibonacci's Rabbits, The Golden Ratio, and the meaning of the Caduceus. Add to this great diagrams of the Chakras, the usefulness of acupuncture needles as conducting antennas, etc., and the reader quickly expands their knowledge, which encourages alternate thinking and a new matrix for appreciating a more holistic approach to life. Reading this book is like getting an education in fresh ideas without having to sit in a classroom with 400 other clueless students!

In addition to the ease of understanding, the extra content in this book inspires further research and study. Appendix 1, titled "Shedding New Light," addresses Qi Gong - the practice of "balancing and preserving" the energy of life. Appendix 2, "Tapping into the Now" gives the reader a more detailed look at the technique of tapping points, using an acupuncture model. As given throughout the book, Dr. Kelly adds exercises to enhance healing and encourage creativity in using these methods yourself. A detailed and thorough bibliography heightens the reader's ability to follow up on recommended research and discover what methods, both tried and true and new, will enhance their own lives. A great book for those who have already begun their search for new ideas and knowledge, as well as those new to the concepts that Dr. Robin Kelly presents in this highly readable and enjoyable book.

Review of The Human Antenna for by Marjorie Tietjen
Dec 2007

Is everything energy? Is Consciousness energy? Are we consciousness....and is what we see as the material world around us, an objectification of this consciousness? In his book, Dr. Robin Kelly delves into these questions and much more.

Dr. Kelly shares with us the story of his personal health journey. Like the author, I had extreme fatigue and strange symptoms which would change from day to day and from week to week. Early on....similar to Dr. Kelly, I was also diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue syndrome but was later properly diagnosed with Lyme Disease. I found it very interesting that Dr. Kelly observed that himself and many of his patients who came to him with these mystery symptoms, were sensitive people....people who worry about the feelings of others, and tend to be very efficient absorbers of the energy which surrounds them, whether it be negative or positive energy. I was amazed to hear someone else say this as I had also noticed this trend when coming into contact with fellow patients.

Dr. Kelly explains it like this "I have mentioned that those of us who are thin -skinned human antennas absorb a wide range of wavelengths and as a result our systems become overloaded. So, we have to learn to say no politely and assertively. We have to learn to worry less, as our brains use up so much energy. And we need to build our inner strength by using our special gift of being good absorbers. We must take in nature's goodies, and discard what we don't need. And we must learn to love and respect ourselves. "

Kelly speaks about intuition and synchronicity. He stresses the role of pure intent as a requisite for experiencing these natural gifts to their fullest. Synchronicity of course cannot be planned. The author tells us that we have to be adaptable, sometimes being proactive and at other times surrendering. If we are truly asking for guidance , we will be directed.

Dr Kelly shares with the reader that it is very important to find a quiet time or a still point everyday. Life is becoming more turbulent and chaotic and in order to remain calm amongst the storms we need to take time to develop a sense of peace. During these still moments we need to sincerely seek God's/Spirit's wisdom in order to effectively help our world.

The main focus of the book is how our cells communicate with each other, that we emit energy and that with this energy we are able to heal and communicate to others and the whole "world thought" in general. I suppose we can transmit energy to others directly, as is talked about in this book, but I also like to think of it as mystic Joel Goldsmith puts it. He describes this phenomenon as first connecting to the central switchboard or God and because everyone is connected to this central switchboard, others can receive the positive effects or communication right from the switchboard itself. And...that this can be a simultaneous action. This would explain how when we can successfully pray for or communicate with someone on the other side of the world.

The Human Antenna covers many areas....including spontaneity, creativity, the chakras and how it all relates to energy. In order to fully comprehend the author's message concerning these fascinating subjects, one really needs to read the book. I would recommend this book to those who are interested in physics, metaphysics, energy healing and communication with others (telepathy).

The above review was contributed by: Marjorie Tietjen: Marjorie is a freelance investigative journalist with a B.S. in nutrition. She writes on various topics but has a special interest in public health, education and awareness. Her writings can be found online and in several print publications.

The Human Antenna: Reading the Language of the Universe in the Songs of Our Cells by Dr. Robin Kelly
Energy Psychology Press (2007)
ISBN 9781604150148
Reviewed by William Phenn for Reader Views (1/08)

Dr. Kelly is a medical doctor that combines the best of Western and Eastern techniques. He is not your average General Practitioner, his knowledge stretches far beyond that. Living in beautiful New Zealand with his wife Trish and their three children, Dr. Kelly is not limited to his medical practice. He is a talented musician, composer and singer. His love of music has led to him recording not one but three music CD’s. Robin has appeared on local radio and television shows and has just completed writing his first musical. This author is not just multi-facetted but multitalented as well.

I found it difficult to place “The Human Antenna” into any square peg; it just didn’t conform to the norm. At first, it gives the reader a bit of a background on the author and his medical expertise. Then it leads down the path of exploration. The book goes into Dr. Kelly’s interest in acupuncture and the healing powers of the human body. He explains his fascination with the Eastern techniques of healing and how he vehemently began to learn them.

Dr. Kelly does not stop with just explaining the healing qualities of acupuncture. He continues to describe how so many things intertwine to cure an ailing human. Some of the points covered in the book relate to the body’s DNA, how our cells speak to each other, how they emit electronic impulses and signals and how they receive such signals. This whole process is detailed to such a degree as to include the quantum physics explanations and comparisons. These explanations were accompanied by illustrations and diagrams that helped the novice understand how everything is interrelated.

“The Human Antenna” was a very complex and detailed educational experience. With so much to digest, the author was quite thorough in his attempt to educate the novice. His excellent references and well-documented bibliography enhanced the reader’s adventure into this very complex and amazing field. I enjoyed “The Human Antenna” very much and gave it a well deserved A. The presentation, the quality of the book and the excellent writing, make it worth the money.

William Phenn  for

The Human Antenna. Dr Robin Kelly.

Dr Robin Kelly presents an intriguing mixture of eastern and western approaches to health, and how these seemingly divergent models are at times both necessary in the pursuit of wholeness and wellness. It is rare to find a practitioner trained in both disciplines, who can also both demonstrate and explain how these modalities overlap, and how manifestations of physical symptoms of dis-ease can at times have matching states of a psychological or deeper energetic imbalance located within the mind or subtle bodies. It is better still, to be able to read first hand the experiences of someone who has the ability and stamina to attempt treating such dis-eases in patients, drawing on both these modalities, and the relevance to recent findings in quantum medicine.

Dr Kelly's personal anecdotes are enthralling and useful in relaying to the reader how his journey has unfolded to date. The real understanding of the greater picture of what a HUMAN ANTENNA is all about came after reading the numerous stories of his patients peppered throughout ANTENNA. These stories helped me to appreciate more practically, how our feelings and perceptions of the more intense experiences in our life can end up influencing our body's systems - including the 'memes' inherited between generations. This blending of theory and practice can only be done by a true practitioner; someone at the coalface. It becomes pretty obvious early on from reading ANTENNA that Dr Kelly's experiences in the mainstream allopathic general practice business, hospices, and acupuncture practice has enabled him to have a pretty invigorating and robust view on the challenges facing people in managing their health. Dr Kelly unpicks these challenges primarily through his knowledge of acupuncture, EFT, the chakra and meridian systems, and how using these techniques can complement the western training he received in London where he qualified as a doctor.

Given ANTENNA's reference to "Songs of our Cells" in the title I expected a bit more on the use of sound as a healing technique, and look forward to absorbing Dr Kelly's knowledge in this area as part of hopefully his next installment.

Overall, ANTENNA relays an inquisitive and engrossing account of one health practitioner's journey to better his ability as a healer, portrayed in a down to earth style, without the new age hype. Great value, highly recommended to readers interested in getting more out of their health professional, and those wanting to improve their overall quality of life.

D.L. Hancock. Independent reviewer for January 2008.

From The Ground of Faith Journal August 2006. Review of The Human Aerial. :

How well does the book measure up to the promises of its back cover?

With regard to presentation, the style is simple and personal. Difficult topics are dealt with so that lay people can easily get the gist. The print is quite large, the illustrations helpful. Kelly maintains our interest throughout the book.

It seems that Kelly by nature is sensitive and intuitive, and that this did not go well with general practice and the need to treat so many patients an hour to maintain profitability. Many of the physical disorders that he was called on to treat had underlying disorders of emotion and spirit, that should themselves be addressed in preference to quick prescriptions of pharmaceuticals. He began to explore Chinese medicine in some depth. He writes:

In New Zealand in the late eighties, a large number of doctors had learned acupuncture. Many were using it effectively, but only a few were willing to explore the philosophies behind Chinese medicine. Most doctors found it confusing, fanciful and mystical. They found it difficult to come to terms with the traditional Chinese view, based on Taoist principles, that the body is primarily energy, and that our organs, for instance our heart, liver and kidney, could also be linked with our emotions…. But a few of us were deeply intrigued. Some travelled to China: others read translated textbooks in great depth... Fritjof Capra's The Tao of Physics… struck a deep chord in me. [pages 29-30]

In reference to acupuncture he writes, “As the result of lightning strikes over the equatorial rain forests, our atmosphere is filled with just the right electromagnetic frequencies that allow growth and repair of our plant life. These are known as the Schumann resonances (7-10Hz), and they are as vital to all animal life as plant life.” [p.39] “Acupuncture needles are made of either steel or copper, and are literally conducting wires.’ [Aerials]

In one instance, after treatment a lady returned home in a state of bliss, and informed her family,

‘I heard the angels sing.’ Later I asked her what precisely she had experienced; was she talking metaphorically? ‘In fact,’ she explained, ‘I heard nothing, but the metaphor of the song best conveyed the experience. I felt a joyful harmony, a sense that I was resonating with the universe and was part of a divine song. The joy lingered for an hour or two and then faded. It came unasked and unexpectedly, as a blessing, but in that moment I was both the dancer and the dance.’

This of course is not the usual consequence of acupuncture treatment, but it seems to be cited as an example of how it assists in attuning a client to a proper order of things. Robin describes how he had been using this procedure every day in his practice and was curious about the science behind it. In talking about his investigations, he clearly describes for the layman the gist of scientific speculation based on the solid foundation of validated mathematics of QM physics. It is sound speculation but not proven fact, and thus Robin often rightly presents the material in the form of questions: “Could it be the case that…?”

The prevailing theme in the book is the connectedness of all things. He writes:

In the Auguries of Innocence William Blake invites us: To see the world in a grain of sand, And heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour.” Somehow, one-and-a-half centuries before Dennis Gabor’s discovery [in 1971 that if a corner were cut from a holographic plate, and subjected to another laser beam, the whole image could still be recovered], William Blake had decided that we live in a holographic universe, within a world of patterns whose origins existed beyond the reach of our five senses. [page 45]

Robin explores the symbolism of the Caduceus.

“The symmetrical twin serpents of the Caduceus represents the balancing of energies at the different levels of the body; the goal of the acupuncturist was to help the patient achieve an ideal balanced state by easing the exchange of energy between the body and nature.” [p.62] “The chakras were not the product of rational scientific thought. Rather they were recognised intuitively.”

The same may be said of the acupuncture points of Chinese medicine. Interestingly Descartes [1596-1650], who symbolises reductionism, “meditated for three hours every morning, and attributed the development of his theories… to a combination of rationality and intuition.”

Kelly examines the human DNA as a superconductor and as an aerial. “Our understanding of DNA deepens, as we perceive it as a vital link between our earth-bound mortal/physical body and the more ethereal realms of our immortal, timeless soul.”[p.74]. He discusses Near Death and Out of the Body Experiences; the importance of prayer and intent; Tuning in to the Dead; the Gift of Mediumship; Precognition.

The bulk of the book is devoted to healing and wholeness at all levels of development, and many doctors as well as lay people will find much to stimulate thought.

Towards the end of the book, on page 313, Albert Einstein is quoted:

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.

We have created a society that honours the servant, and has forgotten the gift.

Michael Cocks