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Interview Questions

1. Why did you decide to write The Human Antenna?

2. Who would benefit from reading your book?

3. When you describe our bodies as Human Antennas, what exactly do you mean?

4. How did you, as a Western trained family doctor, become interested in energy medicine?

5. Did you find it difficult to introduce acupuncture and Chinese medicine alongside Western medicine?

6. What was the reaction of the medical profession then, and how and why has it changed since the early 80s?

7. In the book, you describe how you now use aspects of Chinese, Ayurvedic, and modern energy medicine, alongside your formal Western medicine, How can doctors do this in the short time they have with patients?

8. In The Human Antenna, you describe how we all have an internal cytoskeleton of connective tissue - an intricate web whose tiny branches infiltrate every cell of our body. You give evidence that this connective tissue conducts a form of electricity.
Why is this important for our health?

9. Are these bands of connective tissue related to the meridians described by the Chinese, and used in acupuncture and acupressure?

10. You write that when our electrical system is in good balance, our bodies become receptive to information from dimensions beyond our concepts of time and space.Does this begin to explain how we get intuitive hunches, creative leaps, and even how we sometimes know who is about to phone us?

11. Do you encounter such phenomena in your daily work as a doctor?

I2. In your book you describe how the human race is evolving into being more effective Human Antennas. Why is this important for us?

13.Why is intuition important to our health and well-being? Is it dangerous if we rely too much on our intuition?

14. In The Human Antenna, you suggest that our physical symptoms are linked to our intuition. What happens when we suppress these messages through medication?

15. You describe how science is beginning to understand and even measure ‘qi’- the living energy described for centuries by the Chinese. How will recognising this help our health and healing in the years to come?

16. The final chapter deals with Emotional Freedom Techniques. Do you teach these ‘tapping’ therapies in your practice, and what role will they play in our future health care?

17. You talk about the importance of ‘intent’ in a healing interaction. Could you explain this?

18. You describe the theory that our bodies are like quantum computers, continuously downloading information from the universe. You even speculate that our physical bodies form on a matrix derived from other dimensions in space? Can you explain this further?

19. The subtitle of ‘The Human Antenna –is ‘Reading the Language of the Universe in the Songs of Our Cells.’ You describe how our DNA seems to process both light and sound, and how energy passes through our body like waves of light and sound.
How important are our words and music to our healing?

20. Are you planning to visit the US soon?